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Federal Work-Study Bulletin Board Federal Work-Study Bulletin Board


Federal Work-Study Bulletin Board

New Students

An email will be sent out to all new, qualifying Federal Work Study students in late summer. Please look for this emal in your GMercyU email account as it will provide important information on the FWS Program, the mandatory online orientation, and how to complete the necessary clearances for positions that require them.

Any student who is new to the FWS program must complete the online orientation by accessing the following link:

This orientation will explain how to complete all of the necessary paperwork that will be emailed out over the summer.


Returning Students

Returning to FWS?  Pick up an employment Authorization Form and make sure the form is filled out by the following parties:

  1.                   Section 1: Student
  2.                   Section 2: Financial Aid Office
  3.                   Section 3: Supervisor

You must return your (multi-part) form to the Financial Aid Office in Campbell Hall before you may begin working. If you have a new bank account or need to change address information, etc., please download the appropriate form from the links in the student resource section of this page and return the completed forms to Campbell Hall.



If you have questions, contact Emily Clerkin X21176 or email

About Federal Work Study About Federal Work Study


Federal Work-Study Program



Click Here to View Available Federal Work-Study Positions


About Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally supported employment program through which students are offered jobs to help meet college expenses.

Who is Eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS)?

Eligibility is contingent on financial need as determined by the U.S. Department of Education. Your Financial Aid Award Letter indicates whether you are eligible for FWS. Money earned through FWS is paid by direct deposit to the student twice monthly. The Federal Work-Study award amount shown on your Financial Aid Award Letter may NOT be deducted from your student billing account.

How do I Apply for a FWS Position?

Students will receive a Federal Work Study information packet over the summer.  This packet will spell out the hiring process.  Job placement is made on the basis of your qualifications and every effort is made to hire students to areas related to their college majors. Jobs are provided on a first-come, first serve basis and the packet over the summer will include the date that the application/interview process will begin. The Federal Work Study program is limited by federal government  funding, therefore the college cannot guarantee a job or total earnings as awarded.

How do I keep track of my FWS award while I am working?

Existing FWS students will record their time worked on our payroll (punch in/out) system.  Your department manager will review and approve your time bi-weekly and you will receive your compensation for those hours worked two times a month (hours worked from the 1st-15th will be compensated on the 22nd of the month and hours worked from the 16th-end of the month will be compensated for on the 7th of the following month).

You will receive periodic notifications from the FWS coordinator regarding Federal Work-Study earnings and balances to date.  Please pay close attention to these balance notifications.  This will prevent you from exhausting your award too early as well as exceeding your awarded amount.  When in doubt of total earnings to date, do not hesitate to contact the FWS coordinator or simply refer to your most recent pay stub.  Your earnings to date will be identified for your records.

More information on the Federal Work-Study program is available through the Regulations and Responsibilities and Student/Supervisor Guidelines forms located on this portal page.

 If you have questions/concerns regarding our campus-wide work-study program, do not hesitate to contact your representative:


Emily Clerkin, FWS Coordinator
Financial Aid Specialist
215-646-7300 X21176



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